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City Centre Qurum builds creativity, one brick at a time

The community mall is hosting free brick building workshops for kids throughout the summer.


Several studies suggest that children lose creativity as they age. In a world where children are “growing up digital”, it is important that parents nurture their kids’ creativity and curiosity with a balance approach. 

This summer, City Centre Qurum - a lifestyle shopping mall and community destination will host a series of brick workshops for children from July 11 – 31 as part of the mall’s summer campaign.

Designed to cultivate children’s imagination, the workshops will tap into their creative side through themed play. The workshop includes a range of brick-building activities including games, puzzles, and challenges. Children can also participate in arts and crafts and have their face painted. Those who participate will be gifted a Magic Planet card. Workshops run daily between 5pm to 10pm on the mall’s ground floor.

The workshops are free of charge and aimed at ages 5-10. However, under 5 years old can take part with parental guidance and assistance during the build. 

As children are the future contributors to the creative economy, it is vital that parents nurture their imaginations and take joy in their creative thoughts and acts. Additionally, an IBM study in 2010 of more than 1,500 CEO’s from varying industries worldwide, discovered creativity is the most necessary skill to navigate an increasingly complex world. 

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