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Residents in Muscat take charge of their heart health

More than 825 come out to Muscat City Centre & City Centre Qurum for complimentary heart tests and health seminars


Muscat, Oman, 01 October 2012 – Spreading awareness of the world’s number one killer – cardiovascular disease (CVD), Muscat City Centre and City Centre Qurum recently partnered up with the government health authorities to host a community-wide ‘heart campaign’ to encourage residents to take charge of their heart health. Offering complimentary health tests and educational seminars about heart health, Muscat City Centre and City Centre Qurum welcomed more than 825 residents who came out to learn more about CVD and how to prevent it through healthy lifestyle choices. 

Muscat City Centre in partnership with the Sultan Qaboos University, College of Nursing – Department of Adult Health and Critical Care championed the theme “Your Heart is Your Life” and offered complimentary tests and educational health seminars.

City Centre Qurum partnered with the Ministry of Health - Directorate General of Health Services Muscat-Region and Muscat Private Hospital to host two-days of testing to raise awareness of their ‘Basic Life Support Program’.

Complimentary heart health tests offered at both Muscat City Centre and City Centre Qurum covered blood sugar screening, blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index measurement. Residents who were identified as ‘at-risk’ received an official referral letter so they could seek follow-up care and take preventative measures to protect themselves from cardiovascular disease.

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