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If you are looking for the latest in electronics, then look no further than City Centre Qurum. With a wide range of premium quality electronics’ shops, you will be able to kit your home out with the latest entertainment systems and wireless speakers, pick up the newest mobile phone or enjoy some quality time to yourself with some stylish, Bluetooth, noise-cancelling headphones.

Bose is known around the world for setting a new standard when it comes to crystal-clear sound quality. The Lifestyle home theatre system is renowned for the quality of the sound it produces. Bose has a wide selection of products, including speakers and headphones. Their products are not only at fantastic value, but also very stylish. If you are looking for Apple products, head to mi Store, the authorised Apple reseller for the Oman region. They stock the iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBooks and all other Apple products. They also provide post-sales technical support and customer education for the products. Huawei is growing as a provider of leading smartphones around the world. Known for their advances in technology, you can get the latest models right here in City Centre Qurum. Samsung is a world leader in the electronics market. With Samsung’s products, you can achieve right connectively in your home with everything from fridges and washing machines, to speakers and televisions. 

Check out the range of electronic stores at City Centre Qurum below.

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