Jewellery & Watches


City Centre Qurum has a broad range of stores selling jewellery and watches to cater to every budget and every style or trend. Dating as far back as 1907, Damas Jewellery on Level 1 offers an impressive range of traditional and classic jewellery. They stock everything from 18k and 22k gold, plus diamond rings and pearls.  You can also find multiple-award-winning gold store, Pure Gold Jewellers on Level 1.  They offer creative designs and exceptional quality gold jewellery at competitive prices. 

Hour Choice and Rivoli stock just about every brand of watches and its accessory that you can think of.  From Calvin Klein to Swatch, Ferrari to Timberland and everything in between, take a look at their range and pick your favourite. If having the latest in technology is your focus, look no further than Citizen on the ground floor.  Known as the “fusion of beauty and technology”, Citizen harnesses ground-breaking technology to create truly cutting-edge watches for women and men. Find light-powered or ultra-precise and pioneering satellite-controlled watches to impress your friends. It isn’t just about technology either. Citizen creates chic, beautiful designs to match every style and taste.

Want to treat yourself or someone you love to something special? Check out our list of jewellery and watch stores below.

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