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Life is about the details. Here at City Centre Qurum, we have thought of everything you might need to make our mall a truly one-stop-shop. In addition to our big clothing stores, jewellery shops and electronics, we have an array of kiosks and other services. Imagine you have found the perfect ensemble for that special occasion. The final flourish to any outfit is, of course, your scent. Perfumery giant Lootah uses only the very finest ingredients to create different styles of perfumes. Whether you prefer chic, smart French aromas or floral oriental scents, they can use sensuous oils, oud and agarwood to make something perfect for you. What about the accessory that everyone has on them at all times? The model of the mobile phones we choose speaks volumes about us, so pick yours carefully.

Oman Phone has many options from the biggest global brands: Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony and many more. Speaking of technology, how good is the quality of your internet? Awasr on Level 1 has the esteemed position of providing specialised broadband to the Sultanate of Oman, so you can be assured of a superior quality service.

We haven’t forgotten your car either. Visit Auto Power for their range of impact bars for bumper reinforcement, front panels, absorbers, brackets, steel bumpers and much more to kit out your vehicle. 
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