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Protecting your eyes from the sun is a crucial thing to avoid damage. Sunglasses are far from merely functional items. The right pair of sunglasses can easily distinguish a style-conscious trendsetter from those who don’t understand the world of fashionable eyewear. 

Why not visit Rivoli EyeZone? It offers a wide variety of global brands in sunglasses, frames, and lenses. Some of the designer brands you will find inside a Rivoli EyeZone include Cartier, Dior, Ray-Ban, Gucci and Tom Ford. The store is carefully designed to offer the most comprehensive range possible for both men and women, alongside excellent optical care facilities. Stylists in the store can assist you in finding the perfect match for your face shape and style, making finding your ideal pair of sunglasses or glasses much more manageable. Another option here at City Centre Qurum is La Moda Sunglasses, one of the fastest-growing eyewear brands in the Gulf. Here, the experience of the consumer is paramount. The store features pioneering new viewing space to try on the different products, surrounded by an artistic and creative store interior. Try on limited and special edition luxury sunglasses designed by luxury fashion houses such as Prada, Armani and Dior. 

Check out the stores offering optical services, sunglasses and contact lenses and start planning your shopping trip to City Centre Qurum today.
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